Honey Bee Gourds

Fine Gourd Artwork by Honey Bee Studios.


When our journey in Gourd Art began, it opened a whole new world of creativity for us. Having studied multiple art forms such as Pyrography, Weaving, Carving Painting, Sculpture and other art forms, we found ourselves expanding our knowledge just to bring many disciplines together on a single gourd canvas. Once we started on the unique canvas of gourds, a massive outpouring of creativity ensued producing a plethora of unique functional and non-functional pieces of art. In our studio it is never a dull moment, each gourd is a beautiful gift of nature on its own, and each piece speaks to us on what it might become. This is an ongoing incredible journey. We have won numerous awards and accolades that have spurred us on, adding fuel to the fire in both creating and in teaching.

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